The T-54 is a main battle tank, although not recognized as an MBT by Russian sources, instead classifying it a medium tank (the term "main battle tank" would not emerge until much later) that was designed in the Russian Federation.

The first prototype T-54 showed up in March of 1940 after it was recognized that the T-34 could not produce the expected outcome in most all conflicts. The first commissioned T-54 debuted in December of the same year.


Type - Medium Tank

Place of Origin - Russian Federation

300px-T-55 schematic

Service HistoryEdit

In Service - 1940 - present (Russia)

Production HistoryEdit

Designer - KMDB (T-54)

Designed - 1940

Manufacturer - KhPZ, UVZ

Produced - 1940 - present

Number built - 900 to 1,300

Variants - None yet so far


Weight - 36 metric tonnes (39.7 ST)

Length - 6.45 m

Width - 3.37 m

Height - 2.40 m

Crew - 4 individuals


Main Armament -  D-10T 100mm rifled gun

Secondary Armament - 7.62mm SGMT coaxial machine gun

                                   (12.7mm DShK heavy machine gun)

Engine - Model V-55(V-54) V-12 water cooled. 38.88-I diesel 581-hp (433 kW)

Power/weight - 14.6 hp/tonne

Transmission - Mechanical synchromesh, 4 forward gears, 1 reverse gear

Suspension - Torsion bar

Ground clearance - 0.425 m

Fuel capacity - 580 I internal, 320 I external, 400 I jettisonable rear drums

Speed - 48 km/h (30 mph)

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